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Design and engineering

Creative solutions

A clear objective, expert advice, perfect professionalism and a deal of creativity are needed in order to realize an idea. B.S.B. – Focus department for innovative developments is in advance specifying the parameters of the assignment, it develops the details, composes the drawings and produces a prototype. A workflow for initiation of a serial production is being created. The approach to design a new product or series of products is one and the same – the team is looking for unconventional and original solutions. What you will see for yourself is that it finds them.

Standard projects development

B.S.B.-Focus keeps its creative approach and is striving to innovative solutions when developing standard projects. Serial production doesn’t go without professional challenges and creativity. We jointly work with you from the generation of the idea to its materialization in order to achieve the prototype of the product that you strive. Standard project development marks the culmination of our cooperation – we have accomplished what you want.

3D designs, photomontages, prepress

3D projects are becoming more popular. As a modern and advanced company, B.S.B. – Focus can fulfill your boldest plans in this area.

Photomontage provides endless opportunities to express emotions, suggestions and manifestation of creative thinking. When you are done with the conception, contact us for the realization.

Prepress is a process in which text and graphic are brought together and they are displayed on an electronic printed form. An electronic model of a polygraph edition is being produced. During the work process, you have the opportunity to observe how your finished project will look like.

Other – corporate brand, souvenir advertising, events

The four business resources are people, goods, money and information. Today it is assumed that the fifth one is the brand. It stays in the focus of the relationship between company and consumers. Considering the importance of the corporate brand, we approach its preparation with professional research, in-depth theoretical preparation, rich experience, a flight of fantasy and respect towards your accomplishments.

For B.S.B.-Focus the production of promotional souvenirs is not just creating products. Led by the thought “We are what we give away” we perform souvenir advertising that fully complies with your company credo. You will establish your good image while you make presents to your clients and partners.

Our possibilities for decorating different events – personal and corporate – are practically endless.



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